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April 25, 2010

Technorati – the most infuriating site on the web

Filed under: Social networks — richardmilton @ 11:40 pm

There are a number of blog search engines which are worth taking seriously.  The first and biggest is Google’s Blogsearch.  It’s big, but it’s not very informative.  There are specialised blog directories like BlogPulse. And there is Technorati – perhaps the best known specialist blog search engine.

I had intended to blog here about how to register your blog with Technorati. The problem is that Technorati is so difficult to use and it keeps chopping and changing so much that anything I say is going to be out of date by the time anyone reads it.

I did in fact manage to register this blog with Technorati yesterday.  It took me half an hour or more of searching to figure out how to do it.  Technorati (for some reason known only to itself) calls it “claiming your blog”.  When I went back to the site today to note down how it’s down, I found that whatever link I clicked on yesterday isn’t there today.

So I’m afraid I can’t tell you how to “claim your blog”.  If I ever find out – I’ll let you know. Although, frankly, every time I visit Technorati I end up losing the will to live.


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