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April 23, 2010

Posting a press release online

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I did two things today: I posted a press release on the internet and I registered my blog with – the best known blog directory.

I wrote my press release using the same keyword vocabulary that I derived for my website. It’s very tempting to begin a release with a sentence like, “Richard Milton has published his new novel The Glass Harmonica on, the author website published by HarperCollins.”

The trouble with that approach is that there are virtually no decent keywords in it, apart possibly from HarperCollins. No one looking for a crime thriller or a free download to read is going to search on my name or on the glass harmonica or even Authonomy – unless they’ve already heard of them.

My release actually starts

“Social networking is used by writer to promote new book

Social networking in all its forms is being used by writer Richard Milton to promote his new crime thriller The Glass Harmonica.

The Illuminati, Benjamin Franklin, conspiracy theories, are some of the key ingredients in The Glass Harmonica. The whole book can be read for free at Authonomy – the web site designed by HarperCollins to enable writers to publish their work electronically. See

The important keywords are all there – social networking, writer, promote new book, crime thriller. Richard Milton and the title of his book come last in all this. The next paragraph opens up with the other big keywords – Illuminati, benjamin franklin, conspiracy theories.

Anyone searching on any of these terms on Google is going to pick up this release – as long as I can get the release indexed by Google or aggregated by Google News.

OK now to post the release where it will do me some good. I chose two free press release sites and one paid site:- US site) (a UK site) (a paid-for UK site)

Pitchengine is an innovative social media savvy press release site with reasonable reach and you can post a release which will be published for free for 30 days. The release will be hosted on their site so that journalists and others can visit the site and read it. However, they will have to search for it once it’s sunk down the list of new releases.

Performance: after 24 hours it had been viewed 23 times.

Pressbox is a long established free UK site which, again, hosts the release so that visitors can see it, although Pressbox will keep a release up indefinitely.

Performance: Pressbox doesn’t publish any statistics about views. However  its releases are often swept up by Google News after a few days or weeks, and they often stay in place for a long time.

Sourcewire is a paid for service. It cost me £45 plus Vat to publish my release. However, I think it was money well spent for two reasons. First, it enabled me to put live links in the release, so that readers could go direct to my site, my blog and to my Authonomy page. Second, it was picked up by Google News within seconds of being published, which means that my release literally went global immediately.

Performance: After 24 hours it had been read 275 times. Good result.

My conclusion is that they’re all worth trying.


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  1. Dear Mr.Milton:
    I just read and commented on The Glass Harmonica, and I liked it enough to find my way here. You are good and I will return to your book and study how you drip in the history, set up the story. I appreciate all the nuances of writing a well-crafted novel.

    I’m also making a pitch for my work, Summer Rose. ( I’d love a comment from you.

    I’ll probably be back with more questions. I’m going to study your website and see if I can find answers to some of my nagging questions, i.e. how to publish in this new age of electronics. What is the best way? What won’t hurt my prospects of going the traditional way? What don’t I know?

    Thank you again for The Glass Harmonica and this website.
    Caroline Hartman

    Comment by Caroline Hartman — April 24, 2010 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

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