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April 22, 2010

So what do I put on my website?

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Hmmmm. So what to put on my website? There needs to be a home page with some kind of striking image. I found an interesting black and white picture of a pianist that sparked some ideas. I cropped it, played around with it, and eventually came up with the tag line “In the wrong hands, music can kill . . .”
Does that relate to the heart of the book? Yes and no. The book is about music and it is about murder. So I haven’t cheated. But the truth is that if the book had been about pearl diving, I would have found something aquatic and adapted that. If the book fades into oblivion, no one will ever know or comment on whether the image and text are well chosen. If the book is successful then people will queue up to congratulate me on my genius as a graphic designer. Gawd, we’re all so shallow! J

What pages should I include? I cocked up here to begin with. I created

About me
Read (excerpts from the book)
Characters in the book
My Books

That last page was going to be about the Authonomy site, with a link to The Glass Harmonica and instructions on how to vote. Then my partner, She Who Is Always Right, said, “You are going to start a Blog, aren’t you?” Ooops! So the final page is now the link to this blog. (I’ll write later about how I chose which blogging software to use).

The purpose of this site is threefold. First, it’s to find people Googling for free ebooks and direct them to The Glass Harmonica on Authonomy in the hope of increasing the voting potential. Second, Autonomy allows writers to include a web site URL in their entry, so if someone on Authonomy visits my profile, they may decide to click on my web site, where they will find additional background on me and the book.

Finally, it’s also the vehicle for directing traffic to this blog.


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