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April 21, 2010

What to call your book website?

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So, now I’ve got to put up a website for The Glass Harmonica. But what do you call your site? What URL (web address) do you choose? I could call it or The problem with this is that the number of people who are likely to put in “glass harmonica” as a search term in Google is negligible. So no one is going to find it. It will be a great site – but no one is going to visit. I need to find a web address that is itself a frequently used keyword in Google searches.
Fortunately there is a tool available to help me find out what that is. It’s Google’s own keyword tool and it’s located at It’s really intended for people who are thinking of advertising on Google, but it’s freely available and contains a treasure house of information.
I shortlisted the keywords I thought might be most relevant to my site and went to Google’s Keyword Tool to check them out. This was my original shortlist:-
The glass harmonica
Benjamin Franklin
Founding fathers
US founding fathers
Masonic conspiracy
Conspiracy theories
Free ebook
Free e-book
Free book
Fiction Crime thriller
Crime thriller
Best book
Book of the week
Best fiction
Great fiction
Exciting novel
Best novel
When I checked these out on Google, I found that there were a number of interesting surprises. For instance, I found that the most searched on keywords were terms like Illuminati ( 3.3 million searches in March 2010) and Benjamin Franklin (1 million searches in the same period). But who would have thought that Franklin Benjamin (a different search to Google) would also have been made 1 million times? Or that the highest ranking search terms would include conspiracy theory (368,000) and conspiracy theories (301,000)?
This is the keyword list I ended up with after my research:-

Benjamin Franklin
Franklin Benjamin
Conspiracy theories
Theories conspiracy
The illuminati
Conspiracy theory
Theory conspiracy
New world order
World order
The glass Harmonica
Founding fathers
US founding fathers
Masonic conspiracy
Masonic conspiracies
free books
free book
free ebooks
free ebook
free audio books
free online books
download free books
books for free
free book download
free ebooks download
free ebook download
free book online
free texts
books download
download ebooks
ebook download
free audiobook
electronic book
free library
fiction books
mystery books
authors fiction
crime books
fiction stories
crime fiction
best books
best book
best selling books
best fiction
best novels
the best books
top books
business books
buy book
best fantasy
100 books
books direct
paperback books
novel writing
danielle steel books
science fiction books
books bestsellers
Book of the week
Book of the month
Best fiction
Great fiction
Exciting novel
Exciting novels

Now you may have noticed a few oddities. For instance ‘Danielle Steel books’. Is it ethical to include this keyword? I believe it is. Ms Steel’s books are excellent entertainment and she is one of the world’s most successful writers. Some of the people who use her name to search on intend to find her works and no one else’s. But equally, some of the people using her name to search are just looking for an exciting read. If I can offer them reading entertainment which I honestly believe is excellent, and it is free of charge, then it is not unethical of me to offer it to them. They can still decline to visit my site.

This first stage of research has told me what most people are searching on. So it has given me the keyword vocabulary that I must use in writing my web site. But it has also told me what URL or web address I should seek to register – if it’s still available.

Now, some writers are going to have a big, big problem with my choice of URL. Seeing that words like ‘free book’ and ‘download’ were the most popular search terms, I decided to cash in on their popularity by looking for a URL using those words.

I went to my web hosting service ( and put in a few combinations to see what was already taken and what was left. The obvious choices like had already gone long ago. But I kept playing around with different combinations and eventually found that was available so I snapped it up.

I don’t have to call my website by the same name, if I don’t want to. I can call it “The Glass Harmonica Website”. But its URL will contain several extremely popular keywords that will ensure millions of people see the site listed in Google’s search results.

In future will writers chose the titles of their books by choosing the most searched on keywords in Google? Using that criterion I should be calling this book “Ben Franklin and the Illuminatus conspiracy theory”. Somehow it doesn’t trip off the tongue quite so well, so I think I’ll stick with The Glass Harmonica until a better idea comes along.

By the way, I did also register just in case anyone does cotton on to the publicity I’m hoping to generate and puts in the title. But that URL will simply point them (transfer them without them knowing anything about it) to

In the next blog I’ll explain how I used the keyword vocabulary above to write the site.


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